CV - Patrick Kimber

Hatherleigh, Okehampton, Devon
United Kingdom

mobile 07840 538 357

Employment History

KB Software Ltd, Director

March 2014 until today

Cloud based workflow and document management systems.

Database and API for health tracking software.

Continued work on a web site which manages membership, purchase and management of on-line courses and a jobs board.

Various web sites written using Django, Linux and Postgres databases.


Aug 2012 - March 2014

Web site to membership, purchase and management of on-line courses and a jobs board.

DataCapture Ltd, Web Developer

Nov 2010 - Aug 2012

Development of nuclear waste tracking and management software.

Initial development of mobile web software for tracking sheep using electronic identification tags.

EigenLabs - MIS Developer

Jan 2010 - Nov 2010
  • Responsible for maintenance and development of the company web site and eCommerce system.

    • The site is built in python using the Django web framework.

    • Satchmo is used for the shopping cart and allows the user to configure products before purchase.

    • Other sections of the site provide an integrated CMS, Wiki and Forum.

    • A search facility based on SOLR is provided so our users can quickly access articles on the Wiki and forum.

  • ERP developer for the python based, Open Source system.

  • Basic system administration Deployment of web applications, backups, cloud services, user management.

Digital Jigsaw - Technical Architect

Jan 2008 - Jan 2010
  • Delivered integrated mobile (web and SMS) solutions for customers including Walkers, Nestle, Honda and Tropicana.

  • Introduced release management, version control, issue tracking and change management procedures helping to improve the quality of deployed applications.

  • Built modules (including web services) to support reporting, monitoring and maintenance requirements.

  • Out of hours support.

Goss Interactive - Senior Developer

June 2005 - Dec 2007
  • Developed a text search engine using Java, C# and open source components. This is being delivered to clients as an alternative to a commercial search engine.

  • Built a messaging system to improve response times in the web based user interface. This solution was developed in Java using an open source enterprise service bus.

  • Created a document classification service, which will be sold to clients in the public sector. This web service will be used to automatically tag documents with the correct meta data from a taxonomy (e.g. IPSV).

  • Integration projects, database scripting, quality monitoring and internal administration sites using python and Django.

Cognito Software - Developer, Team Leader

Contract Development - June 2005 - Dec 2007
Developer, Team Leader - 1995 - June 2005
  • Over 10 years experience building commercial software solutions.

  • The work has been primarily in the areas of work-flow, accounts and general business applications. As an example, the document production and work-flow system is used by solicitors to fill forms, submit legal aid claims and monitor workload.

  • Over 10 years commercial experience writing object oriented rich client applications using C++ and SQL databases. I have built and maintained other applications written in Basic and python.

  • Over 6 years experience managing a team of developers and support staff. My responsibilities included mentoring junior developers, software code reviews and building operational procedures. I also carried out informal product update briefings for the technical and sales teams and reported directly to the senior management team

  • Design and development of projects, which are successfully deployed in over 100 multi-user sites. These installations have been carefully managed to minimise upgrade issues and to smooth the path to new operating systems and databases.


Domain Knowledge

I have been involved in gathering user requirements, designing and implementing various systems including:

  • Workflow

  • eCommerce/on-line shopping.

  • Content Management

  • Text Search Engine and Classification Systems.

  • Marketing and Customer Relationship Management.

  • Legal and Commercial Accounts Systems.

  • Document Production and Management.

  • Property Development Management Systems

  • Stock Control

Product Design

  • Cloud Architecture (Linode, Digital Ocean, Amazon, Rackspace, CDN).

  • Multi-user, client server, web and mobile systems.

  • Reporting

  • Third party product and API integration.

  • Software upgrades, change management and deployment.


I will design, build and document efficient, reliable and easy to maintain products, which meet customer requirements.

I use agile processes including unit testing and refactoring. I utilise design patterns and reuse existing components.

I am always looking for new ways to improve quality and procedures at all stages of the product lifecycle.

  • Languages: python, Java

  • Framework: Django, ElasticSearch, SOLR and Lucene, Spring.

  • Libraries: Django REST Framework, Activiti Workflow

  • Database: SQL, JDBC, Python DB-API, ODBC.

  • Secondary Language: JavaScript, CSS, C++, C#, ASP.NET, C, XML, Basic


My experience has enabled me to make significant improvements to software quality. To achieve this I have used various tools including configuration management, unit testing, logging and continuous integration.

  • Operating System: Linux, Windows, Solaris, Mac.

  • Servers: Rackspace, CDN, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu.

  • memcached, Apache, nginx, python WSGI.

  • Compiler: Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio, Borland, gcc

  • Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Pervasive.SQL

  • Document Production: Capsoft HotDocs

  • Installation: InstallShield, python pip, virtualenv.

  • Lifecycle: Maven, Continuum, Cruise Control, Hudson

  • Unit Testing: py.test, nose, junit, nunit, boost test.

  • Logging: log4j, log4net, commons logging

  • Performance Testing: JMeter, Netbeans, Grinder

  • Version Control: GIT, Mercurial, Subversion, CVS, StarTeam.


I am most satisfied when working as part of a team. I believe it is crucial to understand customer requirements and build solutions which are appropriate for them.

I will increase the chance of success on a project by building successful and constructive relationships with all members of the team including:

  • Clients

  • Domain experts

  • Management team

  • Sales and support

  • Third party suppliers

Management Experience

I believe I am a co-operative manager who will encourage and listen to all members of the team.

I am very interested in agile methodologies and have achieved significant success using collaborative processes.

  • Department and Team leader

  • Project planning, estimation and measurement of progress

  • Devised standard procedures to improve quality and teamwork.

  • Remote workers

  • Agile development methodologies

  • Mentoring and support of junior developers and those new to the team.

Work Ethic

  • Client focused

  • Agree and hit deadlines

  • Committed, reliable, flexible and honest

  • Aiming for continuous improvement

Previous Career

  • Computer Manager, Manor Merchants Ltd, 1990 - 1995

  • Dairy Farmer, 1981 - 1990


  • Queen Elizabeth’s School, Crediton, 1976 - 1981.

  • GCE A: English Language, Mathematics and Commerce.

  • GCE B: Craft, Design & Technology, Geography, Literature and Music.

  • GCE C: Biology and Physics.


  • Age 52. Married.

  • Full clean driving licence.

  • Interests: Cycling, friends, community, programming and open source software.