Illustrates the use of the Timer class

using System;
using System.Threading;

public class Example14_5
  // the CheckTime method is called by the Timer
  public static void CheckTime(Object state)

  public static void Main()
    // create the delegate that the Timer will call
    TimerCallback tc = new TimerCallback(CheckTime);

    // create a Timer that runs twice a second, starting in one second
    Timer t = new Timer(tc, null, 1000, 500);

    // Wait for user input
    Console.WriteLine("Press Enter to exit");
    int i = Console.Read();

    // clean up the resources
    t = null;

Note: These timer objects are from the System.Threading namespace. Other timers can be found in the System.Timers namespace.

25/10/2007 I don’t really understand the difference!