Every time you re-compile the kernel you need to re-emerge the ALSA sound drivers.

See the following document for more information:


The .config file appears to be in the src folder for the kernel version e.g.

gvim /usr/src/linux-2.6.10-gentoo-r6/.config


Need to prepare to use Steve (from C2’s) new kernel config:

Downloaded to


Need to remember:

  • Backup my “howto” folder

  • To backup my existing kernel configuration

  • Make sure I add in the changes required for the graphics hardware:

  • Check the module required for my network card.

  • Make sure I change the processor to Pentium 4


  • Re-emerge ALSA sound driver (see above)


Replaced my .config file with Steve’s (see above)

Could not get genkernel to run:

ERROR: Failed to compile the "menuconfig" target...

…had to remove the --no-clean option

genkernel --no-mrproper --menuconfig all

(so will probably take a long time to compile)



Re-booted and checked in new /config file to subversion.

Tried to re-emerge the ALSA sound drivers - got the same error as before. But everything is working - so not to worry!

Just checking the kernel - and the .config file did not change.

Did a gvimdiff and it should be very different!