• For NFS to work correctly on a small network, the user and group ID’s must match the ID’s on the server. See the Users notes for details on how to change user and group ID’s.


  • Edit the NFS configuration in:


    Here is a sample configuration:

    /export/srv  ,secure,subtree_check,rw,hide)

    Here are some of the options:

    sync                 reply after changes have been committed to storage.
    secure               requests must originate on a port less than 1024.
    subtree_check        verify requested file is in exported tree.
    rw                   allow both read and write requests on this volume.
    hide                 do not reveal nested directories.
  • After changing the configuration, export the directories:

    exportfs -a


  • On the server, create the folder you want to share:

  • On the server, add the share to /etc/exports :

    /tmp/nfstest    *(rw,no_root_squash,sync)
  • From the client, mount the share:

    cd /tmp
    mkdir nfstest
    mount saasjspdev1:/tmp/nfstest /tmp/nfstest
  • To auto mount the share on restart, add the mount point to /etc/fstab on the client:

    saasjspdev1:/tmp/nfstest    /tmp/nfstest    nfs     defaults    0    0