PyDev - Eclipse


To install Pydev and Pydev Extensions from the Eclipse Update Manager, Help, Software Update, Find and Install…, Search for new features to install, New Remote Site,



Pydev Extensions

Checking the installation

You can verify if it is correctly installed going to the menu help, about, plug in details and checking if there are at least 5 plugins with the plug-in Id starting with com.python.pydev and at least other 5 starting with org.python.pydev (and check if they have the version you got).


After installing it, the first thing you must do is configure the python and/or jython interpreter. To configure the interpreter:

  • Go to: window, preferences, pydev, Interpreter - Jython/Python.

  • Choose the interpreter you have installed in your computer (such as python.exe or jython.jar).

  • Select the paths that will be in your System PYTHONPATH. It’s important to select only those folders that will not be used as the root for some project of yours.


After creating the project…

The first thing to know about PyDev is that to use it to its full extent, you must have your python modules beneath a source folder (the source folders are the paths that are added to your PYTHONPATH). You can add a new source folder in the menu: File, new, other, pydev source folder.

What if I add something new in my System PYTHONPATH after configuring it?

Well, if you add something to your python installation (anything that goes under the site-packages), you need to either add it manually as a New Folder in the System PYTHONPATH or (recommended) remove your interpreter, press apply so that it clears its cache and re-add the python interpreter.