Here is my custom pk report:

task config 'Tasks for patrick'
task config 'id,start.age,entry.age,depends,priority,project,ticket,tags,recur,scheduled.countdown,due.relative,until.remaining,description,urgency'
task config 'ID,Active,Age,Deps,P,Project,Ticket,Tag,Recur,S,Due,Until,Description,Urg'
task config 'urgency-'
task config 'status:pending username:patrick.kimber limit:page'


username and ticket are two of our custom fields See

To see available columns:

task _columns

To see the available formts for a column e.g. description:

task columns description

Combine the column name and format with the . separator e.g:


To see available reports:

task reports

To see the config for an existing report e.g. next:

task show