• Only the first row needs to have a fixture name.

  • A flow style action is defined in a single row.

  • A flow style action contains keywords in the first cell and in every second cell of the row thereafter.

  • Actions may be provided in separate tables tables but need not be.

  • A check action in flow style is applied to another action rather than to a single field, as with ActionFixture.

  • Instead of using a fixture name, an action in a flow style table may select a particular fixture, determining how the rest of the table is to be used in testing.


DoFixture and SequenceFixture provide a number of special commands.

These are always in the first cell of the row. The commands are:


This checks that the return value of the requested method matches the value in the last cell of the row.


This displays the return value in a new cell at the end of the row.


This checks that the method call succeeded. If the result is defined as a boolean, it must be True. If it is defined as anything else, it must not throw an exception.

reject or not

This checks that the method call failed. If the result is defined as a boolean, it must be False, otherwise it must raise an exception.


ignores the rest of the row