Swing Library¶

Create a jython virtual environment…

git clone git://github.com/robotframework/RemoteApplications.git
cd RemoteApplications
jython build.py package
cp target/remoteapplications-1.3-jar-with-dependencies.jar demo/lib/
cd demo
jython run.py robot-tests/javaws_application.txt

If you change the URL to a valid WebStart application, then I managed to find the page components using the following commands in javaws_application.txt:

*** Settings ***
Library         RemoteApplications

*** Variables ***
${JNLP URL}  http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/deployment/webstart/examples/webstart_ComponentArch_DynamicTreeDemo/src/dynamictree-webstart.jnlp

${LIB DIRECTORY}  ${CURDIR}${/}..${/}lib

*** Test Cases ***
    Start Web Start Application  Demo Application
    Use Application
    Close Application

*** Keywords ***
Start Web Start Application
    [Arguments]  ${name}
    Start Application  ${name}  javaws ${JNLP URL}  120 seconds  ${LIB DIRECTORY}
    Take Library Into Use  SwingLibrary

Use Application
    Select Main Window
    List Components in Context