Getting Started


For Selenium 2.0 (and above), I think we just need to pip install selenium. No need to install the stuff below.

FireFox extension

Note: I think the FireFox extension is mainly useful for building the XPath selectors. I don’t think the FireFox extension will build python scripts for use with version 2 of Selenium. Currently the version 2 scripts for python will need to be hand-coded. For a sample script see python.


Install the FireFox extension from the Selenium IDE: Downloads page.


  • Open the Selenium IDE by selecting Tools, Selenium IDE. Note: The record button will already be selected.

  • Record your actions in the browser.

  • To add a test, select some text and right click… The IDE will present a list of test outlines…

  • To finish the test, click the record button.

  • To replay the test, click the play button.

  • To save the File, Export Test Case As…, Python 2 (Remote Control) or (for WebDriver, JUnit 4 WebDriver Backed).