‘dotencode’ not supported

From Mercurial: how to clone a repository for an older mercurial version:

I recently came over the an error in mercurial which is:

abort: requirement 'dotencode' not supported!

I tried to clone a repository from an older mercurial version. To solve this, you need to execute the following with the newer mercurial version so it will leave out the unsupported features for the older version.

hg --config format.dotencode=0 clone --pull sourceDir destinationDir


How to install Mercurial 1.0 on Ubuntu Hardy

hgext/hbisect' overrides commands: bisect

Remove the hbisect= line from your configuration file, located at


…or ~/.hgrc.

Not trusting file…

From Configuring Mercurial Trust

Note: In this example, the un-trusted user is www-data - it could be any other user:

Not trusting file /web/sample/.hg/hgrc from untrusted user peter, group users

To solve this issue, add the following to ~/.hgrc (replacing the user name as required):

users = andy, peter

Permission denied

hg pull /home/peter/sample/
abort: Permission denied: /home/peter/sample/.hg/requires

Not sure if this is the correct solution, but I had no permission to read the requires file:

cd /home/peter/sample/
find . -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;

waiting for lock on repository

Make sure no one other process is using the repository:

rm .hg/store/lock