Outlook Express

Backup and Restore

Address Book

Back Up Outlook Express

Tools, Address Book…, Help, About Address Book, Copy the File name… This is the file containing your address book…

The file will be something like this:

C:\Documents and Settings\patrick\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book\patrick.wab


Backing up your mail folders in Outlook Express

Tools, Options, select the Maintenance tab, click Store Folder, backup the .dbx files in this folder.

The path will be something like this:

C:\Documents and Settings\patrick\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{8AD5AC70-841C-4277-985A-C7C169921EDD}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

To restore your messages again in a new or different outlook express simply copy the message files into the store folder on the new system (the location of which can be found by following the above steps again).