Make Outlook thread conversations like Gmail:

To mimic Gmail's threads we need a way for Outlook to group by subject, but
ignore the FW: and RE:. Luckily, it has just such a feature.  It's called
Conversation, and it's an optional column just like date received and
subject.  In your Inbox, go to the pane that lists your emails. Right-click
any of the field headings, like From, or Subject, and select Field Chooser.
You ll get a list of additional fields that pertain to your emails.  Click
and drag Conversation to the other field headings.  You'll notice it looks
just like subject, but ignores FW: and RE:.

Message Headers

How to View Email Headers:

Right click on the message in your inbox and choose “Message Options”.


For use when migrating from Outlook to Google Mail, GMail.

Highlight the Inbox you want to use, File, Import and Export, Export to a file, Personal Folder File (.pst), Include subfolders, Filter (if required) (received last month), Replace duplicates with items exported.

RSS Feeds

If you do not want to use Outlook 2007’s RSS Feed Reader feature, you should remove it. It slows down Outlook:

  • Open Outlook 2007

  • Click the Tools menu

  • Click Options

  • Select the Other tab

  • Click the Advanced Options button

  • Uncheck Sync RSS feeds to the Common Feed List

  • Click OK X 2

If you want to remove the RSS subscriptions from Outlook, you may wish to do this following:

  • Click Tools menu and then Options again.

  • Select the poorly named Mail Setup tab

  • Click the Data Files button

  • Click the RSS Feeds tab

  • Click the first feed and scroll down to the bottom of the feed list

  • Hold the SHIFT key and click the last feed. All feeds should now be selected.

  • Click the Remove button

  • Confirm you want them all deleted. Now we’ll need to delete the old feed content as well…

  • Expand the RSS Feed folder under Personal Folders

  • Select each feed and press Delete. You’ll have to confirm the delete.

  • Repeat ad nauseum until all are gone.


Tools, Options, Mail Format, Signatures


In Outlook 2007, email signatures are stored at this location:



  • This is a hidden folder… so you will not see it in the standard explorer view.

  • If you’ve created a signature, particularly one with graphical content, you may wish to edit the html version of your signature by simply navigating to the folder location above and editing the [yoursignature].htm file.


To switch off sound notifications:

Tools, Options, Preferences, E-mail Options, Advanced E-mail Options.

Untick Play a sound in the section, When new items arrive in my inbox.


Create a new email, click on the Options button in the toolbar, tick Use voting buttons and enter a ; separated list of options.