Backup and Restore


To backup a database:

pg_dump --oids --file trac_data.dump trac_data


Dump oid’s


Dump filename

To set the password:

SET PGPASSWORD=my-password

To set the user name (and to export blobs):

pg_dump --oids --blobs --username=my-user-name --file trac_data.dump trac_data

To set the user and host name:

pg_dump -U patrick hatherleigh_info -h -f ~/temp/test.sql

Click here for other parameters


Will do a basic dump of the database:

pg_dump dbname > outfile

To also dump the OID’s:

pg_dump test -o

Note: These commands do not dump large objects.


Method 1

To restore the database:

psql -d tod2005jun2nd -f tod2005jun2nd.dump 2> tod2005jun2nd.log

psql - click here for more information… psql.

Method 2

If the dump file is in PostgreSQL binary format:

createdb temp1
pg_restore -d temp1 testing.dump.1