psql -X -U postgres -c "DROP DATABASE mydb;"
psql -X -U postgres -c "CREATE DATABASE mydb WITH OWNER=patrick TEMPLATE=template0 ENCODING='utf-8';"
psql -X --set ON_ERROR_STOP=on -d mydb -c "CREATE SCHEMA myschema;"

psql -X -d mydb

select firstname, surname from;


To load data from a pg_dump into a schema (in this example, the output from pg_dump is stored in out.sql):

Create a SQL file (in this example out_schema.sql) which will set the schema and include the file created by pg_dump:

set schema 'myschema';
\i out.sql

Now load the data using the new out_schema.sql file:

psql -X --set ON_ERROR_STOP=on -d mydb --file out_schema.sql