Basics of Search and Relevancy with Apache Solr (Webinar 02/12/2009)

  • Firefox superior for XML:

    • Right click on toolbar, select Customise…, Add New Toolbar, drag address control to new toolbar.

  • Copy and paste better on IE and Safari.

  • Solr Command Line:

    • debugQuery=true.

      • tf term frequency.

      • idf how common is this word across all documents.

    • To view the explain output in a slightly easier to read format, add &wt=xslt&tr=example.xsl to the query and view in IE or Safari.

    • wt (what type), XML, CSV, JSON.

    • qt=dismax… searches multiple fields…. great for freshness and popularity.

      dis-joint text (multiple fields) - max-imum match (score). Must set-up schema.xml and solrconfig.xml. Make sure you understand the mm field!!

      Numeric functions, boost on recent dates and popularity. Check out the ord, rord, recip functions.

      bf = boost function… http://wiki.apache.org/solr/FunctionQuery Have a look in solrconfig.xml.

  • Very common words e.g. the company name, will score very low (because SOLR assumes they are not very relevant.