ctags - Windows


  • Download <<<ec57w32.zip>>> from {{http://ctags.sourceforge.net/}}.

  • Extract ctags.exe to:


    Note: Make sure this folder is added to your Windows system path.



To build tags for the python libraries (in this example, the python library and a project I am working on):

del c:\repository\vim\python.ctags
ctags -f c:\repository\vim\python.ctags --language-force=Python -R c:\tools\Python25
ctags -f c:\repository\vim\python-trac-email2trac.ctags --language-force=Python -R t:\core\development\python\trac\email2trac

Note: To get ctags to work on Windows, I had to:

  • Use --language-force=Python

  • Use a full path to the python folder (including the drive letter).

vim Configuration

To add the tags to vim, edit the _vimrc file and add the following (for the two python example files above):

set tags+=c:/repository/vim/python.ctags
set tags+=c:/repository/vim/python-trac-email2trac.ctags