data types cannot be compared or sorted

  name.default_text as britTripLocationName,
  from brit_trip_item_location with(nolock)
    inner join ren_text_key [name] with(nolock) on brit_trip_item_location.name_text_key_id =
  where brit_trip_item_id=7
  order by britTripLocationName

I get this error message:

The text, ntext, and image data types cannot be compared or sorted, except when using IS NULL or LIKE operator.

Group by on the text colum throws error

To solve the problem:

order by convert(varchar(50), name.default_text)

EXECUTE permission was denied


I created a database user in the normal manner, Database, Security, Users, but keep getting this error:

The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'check_submission_type', database 'ugc', schema 'dbo'.

To try and solve the problem:

GRANT EXECUTE ON check_submission_type TO ugc_vote_verification_user

Note: This will (obviously) only sort the problem out for a single stored procedure.


Troubleshooting Database Mail: Permission denied on sp_send_dbmail

To send Database mail, users must be a user in the msdb database and a member of the DatabaseMailUserRole database role in the msdb database.

  • When you create the user, make sure their User Mapping includes the msdb database.

  • To add msdb users or groups to this role use SQL Server Management Studio (the DatabaseMailUserRole will probably be in the list when you select msdb) or execute the following statement for the user or role that needs to send Database Mail:

    EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_addrolemember
        @rolename = 'DatabaseMailUserRole',
        @membername = '<user or role name>';

“Must declare the scalar variable” in table-valued function

MSDN Forums - “Must declare the scalar variable”

My stored procedure was using a table variable… and threw this error. To solve the problem, just use an alias for the table name:

SELECT loyalty_location.* FROM loyalty_location WITH(NOLOCK)
    INNER JOIN @TempList tempList ON tempList.location_id =
    ORDER BY tempList.ordering